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Diamond Grains
About Diamond Grains

Diamond Grains was founded in 2012 by husband and wife, 
Chanisara Wongdeeprasith (born in 1992) and Wutthikarn Wongdeeprasith (born in 1989) who back then were studying at the undergraduate level and had a dream to start their own food business together as it has always been their passion and their favorite activity is to find new places with good food to eat together.

They decided to start a healthy food business by making granola bars made with various kinds of grains and then offered their products to be sold in several malls, bakery shops and coffee shops. However, they were often rejected at the beginning as grain products were usually perceived to be a difficult sell. Also, the distributors were uncertain whether the product packaging would look attractive enough to the consumers.

Diamond Grains Timeline

The turning point is when they shifted their point of view from what they wanted to sell to what a consumer wants. With a study on behaviors of consumers who embrace the clean-eating trend, they modified everything from the product packaging to communications channels by observing what the consumers needed and developing their idea and innovation into the new version of Diamond Grains that we see today.

Diamond Grains, Thailand’s first clean granola brand, is available through several distribution channels including modern trade, convenient stores and health stores.

Diamond Grains Now


Number 1 in sales in Thailand in adult breakfast cereals category

Number 1 in market share in Thailand in adult breakfast cereals category

Number 1 of total Thailand and each distribution category: super/hypermarket, convenience store and traditional trade

With 49% market share in adult breakfast cereals market

And 91% market share in traditional trade


Diamond Grains is committed to discover, develop, import and export products that help ease people’s health problems with transparency and sincerity and offer an impressive product experience with great taste. It also aims to engage and listen to its customers’ feedback to continually improve and develop its products that truly meet their needs.


We work hard everyday to be:

  1. a trusted product for good health of consumers around the world.
  2. a beginning or a helper for consumers’ good mental and physical health.
  3. a brand that creates excitements by offering new fun ways to maintain good health.
  4. an expert and a leader of the healthy food market that is easily approachable.